December 15th, 2021

Choosing the Right Breaker for you

Medium Duty Breaker

From demolition work to breaking pavement slabs, breakers can make light work of the task at hand. There are different size and strength breakers for different purposes, so knowing which one would best suit your job is crucial for the optimum result.

Our medium-duty breaker is built for comfort and has been specially designed for extensive interior renovation work. It can have various uses but would most typically be used for jobs such as breaking out channels for laying pipe, widening door or window openings and demolition of concrete slabs and foundations. Its lightweight, T-handle design makes for efficient performance and maximum working comfort. The excellent power offered by this product combined with low weight means this piece of equipment is even suitable for less experienced breaker operators.

Medium Duty Breaker

If your job requires more power, our heavy duty breaker will make light work of the task at hand. Our Hilti TE 1000-AVR pummels through tough concrete and boasts a remarkable demolition power. Featuring Hilti’s HiDrive technology and delivering the highest output per day, it’s packed with all the power you need for tough demolition work with the lowest, unmatched vibration, thanks to AVR (Active Vibration Reduction).

Medium Duty Breaker

If you need to pack slightly more punch, our upright breakers make quick work of breaking up concrete or slabs. They are a heavier piece of equipment, so due to their mass they’re usually unwieldy when it comes to working on anything other than horizontal surfaces.

Hydraulic Breaker

The modern alternative to pneumatic breakers for asphalt and concrete roads, pavements, paths, patios, drives and slabs. Our heavy-duty hydraulic breaker combines high-performance with low operator fatigue. Its petrol driven engine makes it ideal when power sources are limited and you need those extra breaking capabilities.