February 9th, 2022

What concrete mixer is for you?

Hiring one of our concrete mixers make mixing large amounts of concrete and cement easy. In order for it to be effective, concrete needs to be mixed well and quickly, which is hard to do by hand. Our mixers are ideal for all kinds of projects, from small, DIY home improvement projects to more complex construction projects.

No matter what kind of project you are taking on, the basic operating steps for concrete mixing will be the same, so our tips on how to get the most out of your mixer will be beneficial, whether you are pouring a building’s foundation or a few steps for your garden. 

Choosing the Right Mixer

Whether you are hiring a concrete mixer for a large amount of concrete or just a few bags for your garden, it’s important that you choose a cement mixer that is up for the job and can help you get things done quickly and correctly. Three important considerations you must consider are:

1) The amount of concrete you have to mix.

2) The size of mixer required.

3) The power source of the mixer

Small Amounts of Light Duty Material

If you only have small amounts of cement or plaster to mix in a bucket, our paddle mixer could be the best option. This powerful electric mixer is faster and more efficient than doing the job by hand. The paddle mixer is not suitable for concrete. 

Small to Medium Sized Projects

Our range of mini-mix mixers aren’t as large as bulk mixers and are more compact. That said however, they can still mix quite a lot of concrete. When the concrete is ready, you can easily tilt the mixer over, pouring it into a wheelbarrow.

Depending on where you are using the mixer, we have both petrol and electric mixers. Our electric mixers are perfectly suited to sites with electrical power access, whilst our petrol mixers suit those jobs that are further away with restricted power options. 

Medium to Large Projects

If you're taking on a larger project that will require a lot more concrete, then a bulk mixer is more suitable. Our diesel site mixers come in a range of sizes to suit your concrete or mortar mixing requirements. 

Electric start comes as standard and foot operated tipping lock gives safer control. Unique paddle design improves mixing performance. These machines are the work horse behind any site durable and easy to use these site mixers will ensure you get the job done. 

How to Safely use a Concrete Mixer

Before using any concrete mixer, you should always follow the product instructions before starting. The most beneficial tips we can advise for your concrete mixing are:

1) Ensure you have the correct PPE

2) Never put your hands or tool inside the mixer when it is running

3) Work in a clear area and use safety barriers if necessary

4) Ensure the mixer is setup on a level surface

5) Have a water supply close by

6) Don't overload the mixer

7) Monitor the consistency of the mix as you go

8) Ensure good positioning of the wheelbarrow and carefully pour

9) Always clean the mixer before it drys

10) Ensure the drum is well cleaned with water. A few large stones can also help any stubborn concrete break off the edge of the drum.