September 22nd, 2021

What floor cleaning equipment is for you?

We keep a range of floor cleaning equipment that will get the job done on all your floor cleaning jobs. Whether it be a small room in a house or a warehouse storage facility we have the machine for you.  

When you are picking your machine ask yourself a few questions like

How large is the cleaning area?
Do you have access to a power outlet?

Are you scrubbing and cleaning or polishing?
Lets look at some of the machines that we can supply.  

Ride on Scrubber/Dryer

The I.C.E scrubber dryer is a tough, high quality, battery powered ride-on scrubber dryer with traction drive. This fully automated scrubber dryer with 1 button programme switch for training-free operation is easy to use and the superb compact design allows access to narrow aisles with maximum maneuverability. With a max run time of 3.5 hours on a single charge and the ability to cover 5,200 m² in a single hour this machine is well suited to large warehouses and large industrial jobs.

Battery / Electric Scrubber/Dryer

Our scrubber dryers are suitable for use in public areas, workshops and showroom floors in. With a full capacity dirty water tank and a heavy duty scrubbing head you will be left with clean and dry floors even in the most arduous of applications. Battery and electric versions are available.

Electric Floor Scrubber/Polisher

Cleans, washes, scrubs, polishes and waxes all kinds of floors - all in one machine. This innovative single disc professional floor machine scrubs and polishes the surface in a single pass – completing two jobs simultaneously. As a result it offers convenience, efficiency and superb cleaning and polishing power.