May 25th, 2022

What grass cutting machine is for you?

Grass cutting equipment comes in many different shapes and sizes to suit a variety of applications. Whether it is to keep your lawn looking perfect or if you are looking to tidy a paddock that has got overgrown, we have a machine for you. 

Cutting Short to Medium Length Grass

Cutting lawns can be done with either a 20" self propelled lawn mower or a 30" ride on lawn mower. These machines come with removable grass collection baskets. The self propelled mower suits small to medium sized lawns and the 30" ride on mower suits larger areas. Also perfect for short to medium grass is a flymo hover mower, this can be used on slopes and is perfect for smaller areas.

Cutting Long and Overgrown Grass

When grass gets out of control a standard lawnmower is no good. For these jobs you need a heavy duty machine. For smaller areas of overgrown grass a strimmer is perfect. For larger areas of flat land that has become overgrown a walk behind rough terrain mower or allen scythe is perfect. If you are on flat ground and have a tractor or ATV either our tractor topper or quad mounted rotary mower will get the job done even quicker.

Cutting Long Grass on Slopes

Cutting grass on slopes can be a challenge but a rough terrain ride on mower with a low centre of gravity and the ability to cut long grass is just the machine. This machine is simple to use and will be fully demonstrated before hire.