May 11th, 2022

What heater is for you?

Yep, it’s winter again, and this winter is no different. The nights are dark, the windscreens are icy, and the weathermen are yet again predicting the worst temperatures and snowfall in years. 

Whatever winter throws at you Marley hire has you covered with a wide range of heating products to solve any problem you may face when the temperatures plummet. 


Electric heaters are perfect for when you are in a closed environment and you can't release fumes. You can choose between single phase fan heaters , three phase fan heaters and infra-red bulb heaters. Although these heaters don't have the same heat output as traditional fuel heaters they can provide adequate heat to small offices and homes.


Fuel heater are available in either gas or paraffin and provide great heat output for large workshops and ventilated areas. Some of our fuel heaters are available as indirect heaters which means you can duct the heat into a room without having fumes. These indirect heaters are perfect for marquees.


Infrared heaters are a better solution for personnel heating outside as they don't heat up the atmosphere. Patio heaters are also available for outdoor events, these stainless steel heaters are a stylish way to provide heat.