July 8th, 2022

What powerwasher is for you?

Whether it is a spring clean around your house or getting a factory ready for an outside inspection,  Marley hire will have a powerwasher to suit your needs.

A few questions can be asked to determine what powerwasher suits your needs best.

Do I have an available water supply?
Do I need high pressure and volume ?
Will it fit in my car or van?

If you don't have an available water supply you will have to use one of our bowser washers. You can fill this washer and then go to your job site. If you have an available water supply you can use any of our other washers. The electric powerwasher will connect to a standard garden hose and all petrol and diesel powerwashers that we supply come with a drum for the washer to suck out of.

The pressure and volume is another important consideration. For light duty cleaning of decking and small patio areas an electric powerwasher will do your job. Our most popular machine is a 2200psi petrol powerwasher that delivers 14LPM, this is a great all round machine as it is small enough to fit into a hatchback car and also delivers great cleaning power . For more industrial jobs of cleaning heavily soiled areas and factory machinery we have the 3000psi powerwasher delivering 21LPM.

Only the electric powerwasher and 2200psi powerwasher will fit into most cars otherwise you will need a small van for the larger 3000psi powerwasher and a tow bar for the tow behind bowser washer. 


One thing not to forget is accessories that are available to make these powerwashers more versatile. We can supply extra extension hoses, drain jetters, turbo lances and whirl around cleaners.  We can supply a hot box which turns these cold washers into a hot steam washer.