April 21st, 2022

What stump grinder is for you?

Cutting down trees is always going to leave you with unsightly tree stumps. Marley Hire have a range of stump grinders capable of grinding these stumps to below ground level.

A few things have to be taken into consideration before for decide what stump grinder suits your needs.

Can I get these machines into the job site?

The pedestrian stump grinder should fit between most residential back gates and is only 750mm wide. The hydraulic stump grinder is 889mm wide.

Can anyone use these machines?

The pedestrian stump grinder can be used by most competent users and we will give a full demo either on delivery or collection. The hydraulic stump grinder is more for an experienced user or landscape professional.

How far below ground can the grind?

Both of these machines can grind 13" below ground

How long will it take to grind a stump?

This is a common question that is near impossible to answer. It depends on your stump diameter and how hard or soft your wood is. Some stumps have been sitting for long periods of time and break up relatively fast, on the other hand you can have a stump that is near as hard as stone and these can be time consuming to grind out.

Hopefully this answers your questions, but if not, always feel free to call and ask one of the Marley Hire team.