June 15th, 2022

What wood chipper is for you?

Cutting and pruning trees leaves you with branches that you have to dispose of. A wood chipper is the perfect machine to turn large piles of branches into manageable piles of chipped wood.

Choosing the correct wood chipper for your job will save you money and time. Underneath I have given a brief description of our chippers.

3" Wood Chipper

As the name suggests this machine can handle branches up to 3". It uses a rotating drum at high revolutions to chop the wood. It can fit into most small car trailers and also can be delivered at an additional cost. This chipper suits home trimming and small landscape work.

Tow Behind Chipper

This machine can take up to 7.5" diameter branches and is designed for large volumes of wood. This makes it ideal for large clearing jobs. Just hook the chipper onto your vehicle and drive to your job site.

Tracked Chipper

This machine can take branches up to 8" in diameter. Like the tow behind chipper it is designed for taking large volumes of wood but also has the advantage of being tracked so it can go off road to more remote sites.

A full safety kit is supplied with these machines and we will always take time to show you how the machine works. 

If you have any further questions please give us a call.